In the world, today:
  • 1/3 of the population has no access to safe water
  • 2.6 millions people including 1.8 million children die every year because of diseases linked to unhealthy water and unsanitary environment

ODYSSEY 2.0 - Run safe water

In Africa women walk every day the distance of this marathon to find safe water

According the concept of, the goal of your initiative is to create a source of safe water through unique artistic performances achieve with footprints by international personalities to symbolize their participation in the humanitarian and artistic marathon Odyssey 2.0

Each artistic performance can be acquired exclusively during the 2023 Tombola. All the benefits will help the fountain Safe Water Cube, an innovative solution to end the global water crisis.

Click on each photo to see all performances of the first digital marathon

J-P Augereau*

Candy Briere*

Charles Brodel*

Hacine Cherifi

Mark Cousins

Mustapha Dahleb

M. de L'ecotais*

Virginie Dedieu

Melanie DJDS

Araik Galstyan

Florian Gomet

Irene Grosjean

Myriam Guillot*

Patrick Jeffroy

Etienne Klein *

Margot Lafitte*

Myriam Lamare

Thomas Lapeyrie


Colette Maze

Stephane Mifsud

Mahyar Monshipour

Christophe Muller

Juliette Raudrant*

Decosterd Sacha

Michel Tognini

Benoit Z