Ordering an artwork
1- Clicking on the link "Add" located on page of an art-work, you automatically book it for 24 hours.
2- When you have decided to do the purchase of your command, click on MyCubrik in the main menu, and then place an order.
3 -The order form is displayed, reminding your information and the art-work(s) to buy, then the general terms of sale.
4- Select your means of payment ( bank-card, credit-transfert )
5- The bank HSBC will automatically take charge of your payment , if you have selected a payment by bankcard.
In the other case , see below " how to pay your purchase ".
6- An e-mail will confirm your command.
7- For the other means of payment , you have to send your payment . We shall proceed with the sending of your order as soon as the cashing will be done.

How to pay your purchases
1 - By bank card, your electronic payment is entirely secured by HSBC

The system of protected payment of HSBC is based on a technology SSL. As soon as you confirm your order, you enter a protected field : all the datas are keyed, encoded and never circulate non-crypted on the network. The datas are directly exchanged between the banking intermediary in charge of interrogating the bank on the validity of the card and the bank itself which is charged with authorizing the validation.

Not any datas are on at our site Cubrik.net

2 - By credit transfer, on the bank account thus described (it will be optionally asked to you to indicate the name of your transmitting bank to us, this in order to facilitate the identification of your payment) :

Bank : HSBC
Account number : XXXXXX
Holder of the account : CUBRIK.NET LDT

Carriage costs
Carriage is free of charge after you transmitted the address of delivery to us. Delivery time For the Metropolitan France, you will receive your command within 15 days afterwards reception of your payment. For Europe and overseas, to envisage one 30 days deadline. For the other zones, longer times are to envisage, that we will communicate to you at the time of your command.

Our conveyors put the greatest care to deliver the works of art. The insurance covers the goods during transport and until the delivery into your hands. However we expressly ask you to unpack and control the goods their involved and to point out very possible anomaly. If that occurred, note it on the delivery form and return the goods immediately. We refund you as soon as possible.

Certificate of authenticity
Your work will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that work is not a copy. This certificate is signed of the hand of the artist or by a sworn in expert.

Satisfied or refunded
If for any reason you decide not to keep an artwork, you have seven (7) days - from the day you receive the artwork to inform info@Cubrik.net. You will be reimbursed for the full value of the artwork minus the shipping cost. You will be refunded for the full value of the artwork. The return carriage costs are in your charge and we have the exclusive choice of the carrier.

Cubrik.net is committed never not communicating the data of its customers. Its customers can ask for the suppression of their data. The address of the customer is essential at the time of its command to address the invoice and to carry out the delivery. Its telephone number enables us to contact the customer so necessary for the follow-up of its command. Its e-mail enables us to confirm the command.

After-sales service
In the event of degradation on your work, some of our artists accept under certain conditions of repair it. Together we will agree on the most suitable means to establish an estimate and to carry out repair.

The present terms are concluded between a purchaser and:
Carlyle House, Lower Ground Floor, 235-237 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
London, United Kingdom, SW1V 1EJ

1. Acceptance of the terms of sale
The fact for a purchaser of filling the purchase order and of confirming its command is worth acceptance full and whole these general conditions of sale which it states to accept without reserve.

2. Validation of the command
The systems of automatic recording are regarded as being worth proof of the command which becomes final after reception of the transfer on our account for any payment by credit transfer or after confirmation of the electronic transaction for any bank card paiement.

3. Delivery
The address of delivery should not be a P.0. box: if such were the case, the command would not be taken into account.
For the Metropolitan France, the command will be delivered within 15 days after reception of the payment. For Europe and overseas, it will take a 1 month deadline. The possible delays do not give the right to the purchaser to claim damages.
The purchaser must unpack and control the works of art in the presence of the conveyor and point out very possible anomaly to him. If that occurred, the purchaser must note it on the delivery form and immediately return the works of art, which will be refunded to him completely as soon as possible.

4. Satisfied or refunded
The purchaser has the right to turn over his purchase in the 7 clear days as from the reception of the parcel. The transport charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

5. Price
The price indicated in the confirmation of order is the final price, expressed all inclusive of tax. The possible customs duties to discharge with destination are the responsibility of the purchaser.

6. Payment
The price invoiced with the purchaser is the price indicated in its confirmation of order. The command is payable at the time of the command.
The payment is carried out:
- by bank card, payment secured by HSBC.
- by credit transfer

7. Litigations
Any dispute which could not be solved with friendly between the parts will be subjected to the arbitration of the courts of London (UK).

8. Legal information
The personal information asked for purposes of the remote sale are obligatory, this information being essential for the processing, the delivery of the commands and the establishment of the invoices. The defect of information involve not taken into account of the ordering of the purchaser.
The customer has a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data relating to it by simply requesting it with email to info@Cubrik.net.

9. Confidentiality
We commit ourselves never not communicating the personal information of our customers.
Our customers can ask for the suppression of their personal information.
The address of the customer is essential at the time of its command to address its invoice to him and to carry out the delivery. Its telephone number enables us to contact the customer if necessary for the follow-up of its command. Its electronic address enables us to confirm the command.